The world is not the same.

The Fifth Blight happened 10 years ago, in 9:30 Dragon; the last of the darkspawn were killed off in Amaranthine, in 9:31 Dragon. For almost 4 years, Thedas had peace.

In the Free Marches, the most fertile region of Thedas, things have been complicated. In 9:31 Dragon, the Tome of Koslun was stolen from the original Qunari, the Kossith race, inhabitants of Par Vollen, and the thief was found in Kirkwall. This situation caused a great turmoil in the city, turning Kirkwall in their private civil war camp, specially when the Arishok – the Qunari leader – killed the Viscount Dumar in front of the nobility, in 9:34 Dragon. However, nothing was as bad as the situation developed in 9:37 Dragon, when an apostate mage by the name of Anders destroyed Kirkwall's Chantry with its priesthood inside, resulting in the current Mage-Templar war that scattered across the world. That much conflicts in the city caused many to flee it.

The year now is 9:40 Dragon. Civil war threats to explode in Orlais, due to the false rumor that Empress Celene I is dead or kidnapped, rumor spread by the Grand-Duke Gaspard, that used a rumor of elven rebellion in Halamshiral, where the Empress went to solve the (possible) problem. Meanwhile, a violent uprising in the White Spiral, in Orlai's capital of Val Royeaux, had as consequence the killing of all senior mages of it, apparently under the orders of the Divine Justiniana V. As consequence, the Lord Seeker Lambert canceled the Nevarran Accord, which was an accord between the original Inquisition and the Chantry to guard mages, which lead to the creation of the Templar Order and the Seekers of The Truth order, causing a break in the trust between these two groups. Also, the same Lord Seeker Lambert – now presumably dead -, declared the inexistence of the Cirle of Magi, making the Mages' future uncertain. 

This is the world that our heroines must face.

World War Thedas

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